What Is the Procedure for Fitting Ceramic Braces?

Fitting ceramic braces starts by cleaning the patient’s teeth and ensuring that their oral health is generally decent. The tooth-coloured ceramic brackets are then attached onto the teeth, and the archwire is looped through each bracket in place.

Who Is an Ideal Candidate for Ceramic Braces?

Generally speaking, ideal candidates for ceramic braces are adults and older teens who have already had all their permanent teeth and have stopped growing. This is because ceramic braces are more prone to braces breakage as compared to metal braces; so, by waiting until there is no further tooth movement, the risk of breakage is minimised.

What to Know About Wearing Ceramic Braces?

Some degree of pain and soreness are to be expected during the initial stages of wearing ceramic braces, as well as after every adjustment appointment. However, these are only temporary and should subside after a few days. Ceramic braces also require more care as they are more brittle than metal braces, and are more prone to staining. Patients are advised to avoid food and beverages that can stain the teeth or dislodge the brackets.

How Long Does It Take for Ceramic Braces to Work?

Most patients complete their treatment within 12-36 months of using ceramic braces. However, this also depends on the severity of their orthodontic condition, how well they care for their teeth and braces, and the skill of the orthodontist.

Are Ceramic Braces Better Than Metal Braces?

Both ceramic braces and metal braces have their own set of pros and cons. For example, ceramic braces are more aesthetically pleasing, while metal braces are more durable. However, both offer equal benefits in terms of efficacy of treatment.

How Effective Are Ceramic Braces?

When it comes to effectiveness, ceramic braces are just as effective as traditional metal braces and offer a more aesthetic and comfortable solution to straightening teeth. In terms of treatment length, result, and severity of orthodontic conditions treated, ceramic braces work as well as metal ones.

What's the Difference Between Clear and Ceramic Braces?

Ceramic braces are sometimes called "clear braces" due to their clear, white, and tooth-coloured brackets.

Are Ceramic Braces More Comfortable Than Metal Braces?

Ceramic braces are more comfortable because of their non-abrasive components that do not irritate the gums, cheeks and lips. Ceramic braces also tend to use smaller and rounded brackets, thereby minimising friction and irritation.

For patients who want to opt for a more aesthetically pleasing form of braces, ceramic braces may be worth considering. For personalised advice, visit Just Braces Dental Centre for a consultation today.


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