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Wearing braces should be fun. So do not let braces stop you from enjoying life. Here are some pointers to make the treatment more comfortable.

Expect some soreness/discomfort for 1-2 days (for newer types of braces) and 3-4 days (for conventional braces) . These are usually well tolerated, and get better as treatment progresses. If required, panadol can be taken to help relieve the discomfort.

Swollen gums add to discomfort and slow the treatment process.
- try to brush after every meal to achieve clean teeth and healthy gums.

Braces or wires irritating the lips/cheeks causing ulcers
- cover the sharp edges with relief wax.

Wire extending too long in between visits
- cover the wire with relief wax are return to the clinic to have wire cut.

One of the braces drops off
- use the wax to stabilize the braces to prevent irritation, call the clinic.

While having braces, I had an accident and injured my mouth and teeth.
- See a nearby dentist or hospital emergency as soon as possible. Damages to the braces can be
  repaired later.

I lost my retainers / my retainers are not fitting well.
- call the clinic as soon as possible. Simple relapse can be treated easily. Too much relapse may
  require extensive re-treatment.
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